A walk in the hiking trails of the Parc des Appalaches is a great way to revitalise yourself and discover the fauna and flora of the region. With 120 km of trails stretching along waterways, giving you access to waterfalls or natural beaches, the Parc des Appalaches is a must! 


With its vast river network, the Parc des Appalaches offers several fishing sites on public land to try your luck to catch a fish. The Appalaches pisciculture, located on the 5th “rang” in Saint-Paul-de-Montmigny, is also an excellent choice to assure the success of your fishing expedition as well as providing a tasteful dinner on the table.  

Aquatic Activities

The Parc des Appalaches is a great place to practice aquatic activities, as there are many rivers crossing the park. May it be by canoe, by kayak or by pontoon, discovering the region by water is always pleasant. Families as well as adventurers will be pleased by the many options offered. 

Swimming and Beach

The lac Carre’s beach of Sainte-Apolline-de-Patton, which is watched over by a lifeguard and has a trampoline, will for sure delight the young and the older. The Langue de Chatte, where you will find a natural beach along the North-West Noire River is also a good alternative. 


Cycling lovers can discover the beauties of the region by strolling along diverse country roads. For those looking for an out of the ordinary experience should definitely pedal their way through the peat bog of Saint-Just-de-Breteniere or even try the mountain trail in a maple farm named de la Montagne du lac located in Lac-Frontiere. 


The Parc des Appalaches offers more than 70 km of snowshoeing trails enabling beginners as well as experts to enjoy the cold season. Trails are easily accessible and are of different lengths and difficulty levels. 

Snow Scooter

The snow scooter can be practised alone or with one or two dogs. No need for a husky or a specially trained dog to do this activity. Your good Bernese mountain dog or your Labrador retriever can easily pull you and you will have hours of fun with them!   


In the Parc des Appalaches, the trails are favourable to the practice of dogsledding.  Appalaches Lodge-Spa-Villegiature et Chalets and Villegiature Daaquam are two enterprises located close by that will make you discover this more than ever popular activity.  

Alpine Skiing

Alpine ski lovers will be happy to learn that a few kilometers away, the Massif du Sud, located in Saint-Philemon, counts about 20 trails that will satisfy all types of skiers. Cross-country and snowshoeing trails are also available. 

Ohter Activities

Ornithology, geocaching, horse-back riding, snowmobiling as well as ATV can be practised in the region. Get more information!